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Date:      Sun, 24 Nov 1996 20:50:55 -0700 (MST)
From:      Wes Peters <>
Subject:   Re: question
Message-ID:  <>

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 > I got another hard drive to make freebsd more at home, got it installed,
 > got it configured to unix, got the basic config installed.  Now it will
 > not take my password.  Do I have to reinstall.
 > Also what might you suggest for a quuick study on unix?  I got the Walnut
 > creek freebsd book, and the Unix Guide for Idiots (HA!).

Suggestion: don't buy an Idiot's Guide unless you're an Idiot.

My first suggestion is always _Essential System Administration_,
AEleen Frisch, O'Reilly and Associates: ISBN 0-937175-80-3.  Let's
face it, now that you're running FreeBSD on your computer, you've been
promoted to UNIX system administrator whether you wanted it or not.
The Nemeth, Seebass, et al system administration book has been
recommended to me by people I trust, I've never really needed anything
beyond the O'Reilly book.

If you're going to be administering a TCP/IP network as well, you'll
need _TCP/IP Network Administration_, Craig Hunt, O'Reilly and
Associates: ISBN 0-037175-82-X.  For more detailed networking, their
books on both _DNS and BIND_ and _NFS and NIS_ are invaluable.  The
first will certainly get you off the ground.

>From a programming standpoint, see: _Advanced Programming in the UNIX
Environment_, W. Richard Stevens, Addison-Wesley: ISBN 0-201-56317-7.
Mr. Stevens also penned an excellent book on UNIX Network Programming,
and the seminal (currently) 3-volume series _TCP/IP Illustrated_, both
also published by Addison-Wesley.  Richard uses FreeBSD to illustrate
advanced topics in TCP/IP development; quite a testimony to the
reliability of the networking implementation, I'd say.  ;^)

If you wish to work on the kernel itself, you will want a copy of _The
Design and Implmentation of the 4.4BSD Operating System_ by McKusick
et al.  It has just recently been published, I saw it on the shelf at
my newest Barnes & Noble last Tuesday.

That's about 1/40th of my "UNIX library."  Feel free to write back if
you have a specific topic you wish to learn about, I'll be glad to
recommend (or even research) a book or three for you.  ;^)

          "Where am I, and what am I doing in this handbasket?"

Wes Peters                                                       Softweyr LLC             

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