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Date:      Wed, 19 Dec 2001 21:41:52 -2000
From:      "" <>
To:        <Undisclosed Recipients@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   FW: Dummies Guide to the .name Domain.
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<font face=3D"arial"><font size=3D"2" color=3D"black">
Dear Valued Customer:<BR><BR>

We are happy to provide you a free copy of "Dummies Guide to the .name Dom=
The .name extension, which is ONLY for individual's names is the latest
domain extension to be released and approved by ICANN.  <BR><BR>

The live registration won't be available until January 2002, however you c=
reserve your own name ahead of time for only $5/name by
<a href=3D";&#2;&#20;&#5;&#20;|https.turb=">Clicking Here</a><BR><BR>

You can also register other extensions such as .com, .biz and .info for 50=
of the regular price ($17.50/year).<BR><BR>

We hope you will enjoy your free guide!</font><BR><BR><BR>	<tr>
<font face=3D"arial"><font size=3D"6" color=3D"orange">Dummies Guide to th=
e <font
color=3D"red">.name</font> Domain</font>
			<font face=3D"arial"><font size=3D"4" color=3D"purple">What is a domain=

<font face=3D"arial"><font size=3D"3" color=3D"black">A domain name is an =
addressing system used for locating specific computers
or servers on the Internet. Normally computers use a numbering system call=
Internet Protocol (IP) numbers to locate each other on the Internet.  For
example, could be a number used to identify a specific websit=
on the Internet.<BR><BR>

However these numbers are hard to remember therefore domain names were
developed to make it easy for the average computer user to remember
addresses.  For example, is used to identify Microsoft's
website address, in lieu of the IP address<BR><BR>

Domain names are important because they are the core of your Internet
identity.  Potential customers, partners and investors will use it to find
information about your company and it's products and services. Many
recognize this, and therefore have rushed to register their domain name. T=
date there has been over 40 Million domain names registered, many of which
is in the .com domain extension.<BR><BR>

The .com Top Level Domain (TLD) is the most popular extension for
corporations.  There are new extensions that have been recently released
such as .biz, and .info, and there will be more in the future.  The vast
majority of .com registrants are corporations.  However, there is a new
domain extension that will be released in the near future solely dedicated
to individuals.  On December 17, 2001, registrations for the .name extensi=
will be accepted.</font><BR><BR><BR>

<font size=3D"4" color=3D"purple">What is the .name domain

The .name is a new domain extension specifically created for individuals.
For example, if your name is John Smith, your domain name could be and your email address would be In the
future, people would be able to reach your mobile device using your .name
domain(i.e. they wouldn't have to memorize your phone number).<BR><BR>

Today most Top Level Domains (TLD's) such as .com are taken and are normal=
used by corporations.  The .name TLD was created to specficially address t=
needs of individuals.  Unlike .com, the .name registrations are on the thi=
level, in other words, there are two dots between the person's name and th=
name.   This greatly increases the availability of domains.  For example, might be taken but could still be

<font size=3D"4" color=3D"purple">Who is eligible to register .name

The top level domain .name is designed exclusively for people's personal
names and is dedicated to people.  A name is defined as a person's legal
name, or a name by which the person is commonly known. A name by which a
person is commonly known includes, without limitation, a pseudonym used by
an author or painter, or a stage name used by a singer or actor.<BR><BR>

Registrants may add numeric characters to their personal name so as to
differentiate it from other personal names. For example, if John.Smith.nam=
is taken, he may seek to register an alternative, such as, or .<BR><BR><BR>

<font size=3D"4" color=3D"purple">Why will .name be one of the most import=
domain extension for individuals?</font><BR><BR>

In the future the .name domain extension could be used to create a complet=
personal identity and you will be able to use it for a variety of tasks
including to make online purchases without having to enter credit card
numbers and to call someone on their mobile phone without dialing the

<font size=3D"4" color=3D"purple">Do I get an email address with the .name
domain registration?</font><BR><BR>

If you purchase a domain of the format, you have the optio=
of purchasing an equivalent email address in the format of

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