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Date:      Wed, 21 Oct 1998 19:03:50 -0400
From:      "jericho" <>
To:        <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   triple boot system
Message-ID:  <000101bdfd47$14bd5660$548a2399@default>

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I am a systems engineer and I wanted some UNIX experience, so due to my
strapped budget I am going to install freebsd.  I only have one pc, and I
currently have Win NT4 server and Win98 dual booting with ntloadr.  I have
two hard drives one is a Seagaate 6.5 gig drive -which has the boot
partition and win98 and the other drive is an ibm 2.1 gig drive which has nt
on it. I have some questions that werent diretly answered in any of the
various FAQs that I read on your site  and others:
1. I currently have 2 hard disks with 5 partitions combined- one 6.5 gig
drive with 4 partitions all fat16- and a 2.1 gig drive with one partition on
it- Do I need to add a new partition to install free bsd or can it reside in
a folder on any of these partitions?

2. Will freebsd partition whatever partition I install it to with FFS?

3. What modifications do I need to make to NTLOADR for freebsd to be a boot
option along with win98 and nt?

4. Here is the setup of my drives , do you have any suggestions on the
                                Total    free
C: (windows and boot partition) 1.67gb  646mb |
D: (applications)               1.99gb  1.25gb|    Seagate 6.5GB disk
E: (swap file and page file)    1.04gb  524mb |
F: (files)                      1.32gb  1.04gb|

G: (NT server)                  1.96gb  944mb |    IBM 2.1GB disk

I was going to either try to add a partition to G: using Partition Magic for
FreeBSD or just install it to a folder on G:, any ideas?

Thanks alot,

T. Freeman

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