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Date:      Sun, 13 Jan 2008 17:37:38 +0100
From:      Roland Smith <>
To:        FreeBSD Question <>
Cc:        eculp <>
Subject:   Re: Another question based on:  Re: HOW-TO get Flash7 working!
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On Sun, Jan 13, 2008 at 09:53:41AM -0500, Gerard wrote:
> I belong to a state 'Officials Association' that deals with officiating
> High School sports. Their site is written in such a way that Flash with
> either Windows Media Player or QuickTime are required to properly view
> the site.

So their message is, "We're not interested in people who don't use
windows". There is not anything that the FreeBSD community can do about

> Try as I might, I have never gotten either Opera or Firefox
> using FBSD to correctly view that site. I basically just gave up on it.
> The same problem exists with many sites sponsored by Google for
> instance.
> If this was 1990, perhaps I could understand it. However, considering
> the present state of computing, the fact that plug-ins like Flash are
> not simple drop-in applets, similar to the way Internet Explorer
> handles them, is simply not acceptable.

Then go and complain to the people who wrote flash. If they want to release
plugins for Firefox on FreeBSD they can do so.=20

Since Flash is closed-source, there isn't a lot people in the FreeBSD
community can do about it.

There are several groups working on open-source implementations of
Flash, but these efforts are incomplete due to lack of documentation and
possibly volunteers.

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