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Date:      Fri, 7 May 1999 08:16:22 -0500
From:      "Doug Poland" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   FTP Install over LAN problem
Message-ID:  <000001be988b$e89ef440$7a01140a@egypt>

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I'm trying to install 3.1-RELEASE across my home network.  This is what

	1. 3.1-RELEASE CD-ROM is mounted on on /cdrom
	2. used vipw to add ftp:*:99:99:FTP:/cdrom:/sbin/nologin to /etc/passwd
	3. NIC is running on
	4. linked /cdrom to /var/ftp/pub/FreeBSD/3.1-RELEASE

	1. booted off two floppies
	2. choose FTP as media (URL
	3. choose my 3COM 3C509 NIC as interface ( ep0 )
	4. Network config as follows:
		Host:		Domain:	1.1.1
		Gateway: NO			Name Server:
		IP Address:	Netmask:

The error message I get is:

	Couldn't extract the following distributions.  This may
	be because they were not available on the installation
	media you've choosen:

					[ OK ]

I've tried various combinations of users and directory locations
but to no avail.  Any ideas?

Doug Poland

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