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Date:      Sun, 30 Apr 1995 15:30:36 -0500
From:      "Daniel M. Eischen" <>
Subject:   Re: your mail
Message-ID:  <>

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>> I think this is an excellent idea...  Jordan?  What are the chances of 
>> Walnut Creek offering a FreeBSD-SNAP subscription?  I'd happily pay 
>> for a monthly or semi-monthly CDROM.  Say a couple hundred bucks a year?

>We'd be happy to do it, if people REALLY thought there was a demand.

Well, if there was an easy way to upgrade from snap to snap without overwriting
any files that you have changed for a particular setup...  Please correct me
if there is an easier way than to log and save the changed files, or writing
scripts that will install the new snap but check the dates on the files since
the last snap and prompt for verification.

I guess I want a kind of interactive sup, that can accept as input the date
of the last snap (or any date), then update the files that haven't changed
and prompt for those that have.  This would be of help even for people with
out the FreeBSD SNAP subscription.

Dan Eischen

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