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Date:      Mon, 30 Sep 1996 15:44:31 +0000 ()
From:      David Nugent <>
To:        Keith Leonard <>
Subject:   Re: messages mess up display
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On Sun, 29 Sep 1996, Keith Leonard wrote:

>I am probably asking a stupid question but - after a lot of work I have
>2.1.5 working on my machine (486DX4 with 32megs ram and a 824 meg HD). I
>love it (once I caught on to the rationale), however no matter how I log
>on (root or keithl (wheel group)) I keep getting these anoying (sp?)
>messages about loggings and changes , etc. poping up on the display, which
>of course messes up the file (visually) that I'm working on. I realize to
>get rid of it (on the screen) I just need to cursor past the message and
>back to where I was - BUT PLEEEEASE.....
>Any way to disable this message thingee?

Yep. Or redirect them elsewhere.

>ps. I have tried compiling the kernel without the system V message option
>and I get the same results.

Not relevant.

These messages are issued by the 'syslog' daemon. You can
configure to a find detail where, how and when these messages are
issued. The file /etc/syslog.conf is the control file (some of
these will have entries that direct to '/dev/console', some of
them are directed to 'root'. Most of them will be directed to
your log files in /var/log).

Don't be TOO heavy handed in removing messages from the console,
and I certainly agree that login messages to the console is an
overkill. Keep *.alert and *.emerg at least directed to somewhere
where it will be seen - they are rare enough, and important
enough - that they SHOULD be seen as soon as possible rather than
whenever you decide to browse the log.

man syslogd
man syslog.conf

for more information/

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