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Date:      Mon, 5 Feb 1996 19:40:09 +0100 (MET)
From: (Guido van Rooij)
Subject:   gated hacker wanted!
Message-ID:  <>

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Okay all you gated hackers. I am trying to solve a problem.
I have a machine with multiple interfaces. Underneath is the
for my problme relevant part of gated.conf.
ed3 is configured with adres, netmask 0xfffffe00.
What I like is that gated sends out rip packets containing entries
for both and, both metric 1. In the setup
below, it will only do that for I know that this is
normal because it wants to send out the routing entry on the gateway
itself, and the netmaks gets lost.
I would like to think that it should be possible to configure 
gated in such a way that you just enter these two routing entries
in the static section. However, then nothing is send.

How can this be done?


# our interfaces should never be timed out
interfaces {
	interface passive ;
	interface ed3 passive ;
} ;
# configuration for rip protocols
rip yes {

	# tell the world about our routes

        # metric for non rip routes
	defaultmetric 1;

	# which routing info do we accept
	interface ripout version 1;
	interface ed3 ripin ripout version 1;

} ;

static {
	default    gateway   retain;
	131.155    gateway   retain; # TUE

	194.151.68 mask gateway	retain;
} ;

# what should we export
export proto rip interface {
	proto direct { mask metric 1;
		# mask refine metric 1;
		# metric 1;
	} ;
	proto static {
		# metric 2;
		# metric 2;
	} ;
} ;

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