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Date:      Sat, 30 Sep 2006 00:25:44 +0100
From:      Chris Whitehouse <>
To:        Murray Taylor <>
Subject:   Re: Anyone used this mobo with 6.1 ??
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Murray Taylor wrote:
No but I recently bought another Asus board A8N-VM CSM/NBP and the BIOS 
is broken. Another board A8N-VM CSM had an almost identical broken BIOS 
which Asus fixed at some point. However Asus have now informed me that 
FreeBSD is not supported for my board. (It does actually work with a 
clever fix someone posted but Asus don't want to know). Asus seem to 
have a bit of a name for crap BIOS's. Moral: make sure you tell the 
retailer you want to use it with another operating system than Windows 
and make them agree to take it back if it doesn't work.


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