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Date:      Tue, 12 Sep 1995 10:04:09 +0300
From: (Seppo Kallio)
To: (Boyd Faulkner)
Subject:   * diskless netboot questions *
Message-ID:  <v01530518ac7adf4581fb@[]>

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>> I wonder if one FrrBSD box can be the server for the diskless. The Handbook
>> is only speaking about HP9000, Sun/solaris
>But, of course.

It is funny, but in the FreeBSD Handbook is: "Tested machines: HP9000 ...
Sun/Solaris" and nothing about FreeBSD

>> Do you know if it is possible to define a local swap if the PC has only DOS
>> filesystem? That is can FreeBSD use DOS filesystem and some file there as
>> swap file? Or do I have to repartition the disk and make a FreeBSD
>> partition and swsap there?
>I think so.  It is accomplished via the vnconfig stuff but I am not sure
>how to use that as primary swap.  I expect I will be looking into that soon.
>Can you use nfs swap for now?

No. The is just beepbeepbeep until I push reset. What is wrong?
What does this beep mean, do you have any idea? Should netboot show some
progress display on the screen? I am getting nothing, only this beep, could
it be a problem with the display card?

The Ethernet card should be OK. It is SMC Ultra and it is tested in DOS and


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