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Subject:   Early Bird Discount - Why Sports 2019 Conference
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WHY SPORTS 2019 CONFERENCE=0A=0AThe Royal Society of Medicine, London=0A=0A=
18th September 2019=0A=0A=EF=BB=BF=0A=0ASince early 2016 the Sporting Futur=
e and Towards an Active Nation=0Astrategies have served as a catalyst to in=
crease activity across the UK.=0A=0ABoth documents called for the sector to=
 immediately re-evaluate its=0Aapproach, commitment and direction, in order=
 to reverse the alarming trend=0Aof inactivity.=0A=0ASince their conception=
, the sector has started to transform, innovate and=0Acollaborate in new wa=
ys to meet the needs of our communities. This is not=0Awithout challenge an=
d is a continuous process, with lessons being learned=0Aand shared to impro=
ve the whole system.=0A=0AAt the much anticipated Why Sports 2019 Conferenc=
e we will seek to pull all=0Aaspects of current policy delivery together fo=
r a thought provoking day of=0Adebate, networking and collaboration.=0A=0AT=
hroughout the day there will be a number of opportunities to increase=0Akno=
wledge and take part in Sport England led Workshops, engage with sector=0Ae=
xperts and develop unique business relationships with a number of=0Acommitt=
ed commercial partners.=0A=0A[1]CLICK FOR CONFERENCE AGENDA=0A=0A[2]CONFIRM=
ED SPEAKERS=0A=0ATim Hollingsowth=0A=0ACEO=0A=0ASport England=0A=0ATara Dil=
lon=0A=0ACEO=0A=0ACIMSPA=0A=0AArun Kang=0A=0ACEO=0A=0ASporting Equals=0A=0A=
Mike Diaper=0A=0AExecutive Director=0A=0ASport England=0A=0ABOOK NOW TO SAV=
=A3168.75=0A=0A3rd Sector =C2=A3131.25=0A=0APrivate Sector =C2=A3296.25=0A=
=0ADiscount Code - WS19EB25=0A=0ADiscount available until 17:00 April 21st =
2019=0A=0AFor more information call +44(0)161 464 8688=0A=0A[3]REGISTER INT=
EREST / BUY TICKETS=0A=0AClick below to access speaker slides and video pre=
sentations delivered at=0Athe Why Sports 2018 Conference.=0A=0A[4]Click her=
e=0A=0AWhy Sports are asking for contributions from our community for our b=
log=0Asite. If you have an inspiring case study or a story to tell that has=
=0Aincreased activity , please do not hesitate to get in touch.=0A=0A[5]Con=
tact us=0A=0A[6]TAKE ME TO THE WHY SPORTS BLOG SITE=0A=0AFollow us on socia=
l media for more info & updates=0A[7]Twitter [8]LinkedIn [9]YouTube=0A=0A[1=
ng-2018=0A5. am interested in suppl=
ying information for the Why Sports Blog Site=0A6.
og/=0A7. https://www.linkedin.c=
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