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Date:      Fri, 8 May 2020 18:53:27 -0400
From:      Jerry <>
Subject:   Re: Microsoft Teams for Linux
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On Fri, 8 May 2020 22:46:55 +0200, Tomasz CEDRO commented:
>pt., 8 maj 2020, 17:35 użytkownik Jerry <> napisał:
>> On Fri, 8 May 2020 15:23:23 +0200, Tomasz CEDRO commented:  
>> >On the other hand if Hangouts and Open-Source JITSI Meet works fine
>> >on both Frefox and Chrome on FreeBSD so where is the problem?  
>> I don't believe that 'Hangouts' or "JITSI' interfaces with MS Teams. 
>I mean the problem is most probably on the application side. Google
>Hangouts worked well, so they switched to Google Meet that does not
>work at all (no audio and video from and to me). Zoom does not work
>well. MS Teams does not work well. Open-Source JITSI works well on the
>same setup.
>Maybe if software vendors cared more about open standards, testing and
>support for Open-Source platforms, instead "works for me buy my stuff"
>or "time to market test on users or forget" shortcuts, we would not
>have such problems like the videoconferencing just showed up two days
>I guess there may be a positive outcome if there is a strong demand and
>push from Open-Source community. We can make things work with a bit of
>support and good will from vendor. We all know how it works but I send
>good wishes so it happens :-)
>Best regards :-)

Both "Zoom" and "MS Teams" are working fine in my Win10 machine. I have
never tried to get them to work on FreeBSD, and I have no idea why I
would want to. I don't have a linux machine handy, although that is on
my "to-do" list. Perhaps by the end of this summer.

You have not defined what "well" is? Is that with MS Teams or
'zoom' working on a Microsoft or supported Linux OS, or on something

Both "Zoom" and "MS Teams" have been undergoing changes lately. I know
because I got updates for both applications.

You claim you want better support, yet you obviously have little or no
desire to pay for it. Screaming at a vendor, "We want more free stuff."
is probably not going to endear you to anyone. Someone has to pay the


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