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Date:      Sun, 08 Apr 2012 13:28:51 +1000
From:      Da Rock <>
Subject:   Re: Music production on FreeBSD
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On 04/08/12 11:39, Mario Lobo wrote:
> On Saturday 07 April 2012 21:04:41 Tony wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Is anybody aware of any talented producers who produce their music
>> primarily on FreeBSD?
>> Thanks!
>> Tony
> Man, that has been my dream for a good while!
> Ardour is a fine multitrack but no MIDI, at least on FreeBSD. And FBSD itself
> has lots of issues with MIDI.
> Besides that, there is the driver problem with most professional sound boards.
> I am going to attempt something a quite bit out of my league which is try to
> port the alsa drivers for my echo Gina3G board to FBSD. If I can manage to do
> that, then I believe the rest will fall on my lap by gravity.
> I hope I don't blow up my desktop.
> I'm eager to read the replies to the OP.
I have. Or more accurately my wife and co have, with me behind the 
wheel. My wife is a musician and music teacher, and we only use FreeBSD, 
so its a given here (and a massive drive for me to find a way to support 

We used simple tools: audacity, rosegarden, and hydrogen. We used a usb 
yamaha sound board, and a ribbon mic for the vocals.

The biggest problem here is that rosegarden refuses to use jack for midi 
transport now, so even though there is a jack_umidi daemon in the ports 
it still wont pick it up. I'll have to look at another app like ardour 
and see if it is better there. Other than that, all good.

Incidentally, the reason for the emphasis on rosegarden is that it does 
midi and audio multitrack; as well as notation editing. Apparently 
they're hell bent on only using alsa (God only knows why - must have a 
death wish or something...), with marginal support for jack. Hence they 
only support midi through alsa, not jack. Madness...

The usb audio was a good call; the uaudio driver worked well in our case 
with jack, and given all work was done on a laptop it made sense. These 
days I think it makes more sense because of the portability, not to 
mention if the power happens to go off in the midst of a take you can 
keep going and finish the track ;)

The only other option that would be ideal would be firewire audio - if 
that ever comes to FBSD. I think there may be some support through jack, 
but I haven't investigated that fully yet.

And dont forget lilypond for notation... :)

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