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Date:      Tue, 10 Oct 1995 11:35:19 -0400
From:      "Garrett A. Wollman" <>
To:        Andrew Herdman <>
Subject:   A few questions
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<<On Mon, 9 Oct 1995 19:11:28 -0400, Andrew Herdman <> said:

> 1)  Why does the kernal stay at secure level -1.   I replaced BSDi 2.0.1
>     with FreeBSD 2.0.5 and BSDi always defaulted to security of 1 while
>     FreeBSD does not.

Because FreeBSD is a system undergoing continuous development, and it
is unacceptable for the developers to have to shut down to single-user
just to install new binaries.  If you wish to have the 4.4-style
automatic securelevel, you should delete the `= -1' initialization in

> 2)  If i manually set kern.securelevel to 1, XFree86 no longer works
>     complaining about lack of access to /dev/mem.  I used XFree86  
>     with BSDi and it worked fine.  Anyone have a suggestion?

>From init(8):

     1     Secure mode - immutable and append-only flags may not be changed;
           disks for mounted filesystems, /dev/mem, and /dev/kmem are read-

X can't write to your video card's memory.

> 3)  All of the maintenance scripts run fine sending e-mail to root.  Problem
>     is, I'm not running them from cron.

Yes you are.  root's crontab is in /etc/crontab.  Don't attempt to use
the crontab(1) command to modify this, it simply won't work.


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