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Date:      Sun, 17 Jan 2010 12:01:48 -0800
From:      Nerius Landys <>
To:        Diego Montalvo <>
Cc:, MaJ <>
Subject:   Re: Running PHP File under Crontab...
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> I am wanting to execute a PHP file 5 times a day via crontab. Is it
> possible? =A0If so what is the proper crontab command for this?

Hi.  I'm running several PHP programs via cron.

#1 Make sure you have CLI (command line interface) in your PHP port:

As root,

> cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
> make config
Then make sure the "CLI" is set to "on".  If it isn't, change it, and
recompile the port.  For example "portupgrade -f php5-5.2.12" will
recompile the port, if you have portupgrade installed.

#2 Write the PHP script you want to run.  There are different syntaxes
for writing a command-line PHP program but here is one of them:

// Your PHP code here

Save this to a path "/path/to/mycode.php".

#3 Add cron job to execute this program.

Your crontab should look like this:

*/5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php -f /path/to/mycode.php

(That would execute your PHP script every 5 minutes for example.)

That's it!

There is an alternate way to write PHP scripts for CLI, but I have not
used it extensively, so I don't know all the details or the correctest
way to do it.

You can write a script like this:

echo "Hello!\n";

And then save it to a file for example "test.php" and set the
executable permission on it.  Then you can just:


from a terminal.  So you could change the cron to just execute the
script directly in this case instead of explicitly calling
/usr/local/bin/php in the crontab.

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