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Date:      Fri, 10 Aug 2007 07:48:23 -0400
From:      Robert Huff <>
Subject:   Re: How do I make install clean a port in the background
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Wojciech Puchar writes:

>  > cd /usr/ports/www/apache22
>  > make install clean &
>  >
>  > it returns the pid but then compiles in the foreground
>  >
>  > What am I doing wrong?
>  >
>  >/dev/null

	The /process/ is running in the background.
	The /output/ - stdout and stderr, file descriptors 1 and 2 -
are still connected to the terminal.
	If you really want to make the output vanish, try:

	make install clean >& /dev/null &

	for (t)csh and (I think):

	make install clean 2>&1 /dev/null &

	for (ba)sh.
	My personal practice when compiling is not to direct all output
to /dev/null.  If the 22 hour build of OpenOffice blows up, and the
output has vanished, you may have to start over.
	Instead, send it to a log file which can then be discarded if
everything goes well.

					Robert Huff

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