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Date:      Tue,  9 Jul 96  1:38:40 +0000
Subject:   Re(2): CD distribution layout vs FTP distribution layout.
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> > I've always done local ftp installs with an absolute path, but putting
> > in two slashes:
> > 
> >   ftp://hostname//absolute/path
> > 
> > That's always worked for me.
> Right, THAT works and always has since I figure in the case of two
> //'s, the user knows exactly what he/she's doing. :-)
>                                                 Jordan

It always used to work for me, but appeared to have stopped working with the most recent CD I have received (the 960501-SNAP).  I couldn't find any combination of URL which would allow an install direct from the CD mounted on a remote machine.  Previously (2.0.5, 2.1R etc.) it always seemed to work OK if a trailing slash was used as well, eg.

with the 960501 CD, no combination of URL appeared to load both the root image and the dists successfully.

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