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Date:      Fri, 29 Jun 2007 17:00:01 +1000
From:      Norberto Meijome <>
To:        "zigniew szalbot" <>
Subject:   Re: freebsd / gateway / parental control
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On Fri, 29 Jun 2007 08:42:58 +0200 (CEST)
"zigniew szalbot" <> wrote:

> Great! OK I am encouraged to give it a try. But hardware-wise I will need
> to NICs and plug my modem line into one NIC and then the other NIC will be
> used to connect the Dlink router. I figure the Dlink router essentially
> becomes redundant but it is a wireless machine so I would like to use it
> anyway.

you'll need 2 nics, right. 

If you use the wireless in the DSL modem, you'll be bypassing the BSD server.
Which may be fine if the kids' computer(s) cant do wireless. (beware of USB
wireless dongles ;) )

> Is my thinking correct here?

what I have planned to do is use a non-wireless DSL modem in bridged mode
(DLINK 504T), connect to the BSD box.

BSD box  with 2 NICs ('wan' and 'lan') as well as a DLINK G520 PCI Wireless
card (Atheros chipset) and make the BSD box the wireless AP.

And throwing in a small flash IDE drive for faster bootups.

{Beto|Norberto|Numard} Meijome

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