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Date:      Sun, 24 Sep 2006 23:49:06 +0200
From:      Armin Pirkovitsch <>
To:        "O. Hartmann" <>
Subject:   Re: GAIM not capable of sending files, but can receive
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O. Hartmann wrote:
> Armin Pirkovitsch wrote:
>> O. Hartmann wrote:
>>> Sorry, maybe a little bit off-topic here.
>>> I tried using GAIM as IM, but ran into trouble. Receiving documents is
>>> working, but with or without any kind of firewall sending files is not
>>> possible.
>>> The GAIM installation is as is taken from the ports collection, firewall
>>> disabled ... Tried ICQ/MSN/Yahoo and IRC, always the same, no sending,
>>> but receiving ...
>>> Any help appreciated,
>> Are you connceted directly to the net or over a router / server with nat?
>> If it's not directly you have to forward ports to the client pc for
>> direct connections (like  file sending)
> My box at home is connected to the net via a DSL router. The box has a
> Ip, and therefore, I think you sketched the problem the
> right way. Is there a way to do this automatically via pf(1)? It would
> be weird to forward each connection, most of them DHCP obtained IPs, by
> hand. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with that stuff ...

Well the portforward has to be done on the router, and the clients need
to know which ports they "own" on the inet ip. It's part of the file
sending protocol (at least icq and irc work that way)
So a portforward table which defines which ports are forwarded to which
ip is imho the only option.

Armin Pirkovitsch

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