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Date:      Sun, 07 Apr 2002 09:30:27 -0400
From:      Bill Moran <>
To:        Kim <>
Subject:   Re: Networking
Message-ID:  <>
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Kim wrote:

>Hi there!
>Im quite new on FreeBSD and have installed FreeBSD 4.5 (X-USER)
>Ive recently tried out NetBSD and was a bit frightend, but thought trie
>FreeBSD first before returning to Linux.
>Now i have some questions.
>I was looking for some place to configure my network device.
>1. In what file should i conf the network?

You can configure it from /stand/sysinstall if you like, but if you want
to do it manually (which is good, you learn more that way) you want
to edit /etc/rc.conf.  Look specifically at the network_interfaces= 
and corresponding ifconfig_xx#= parameters.  The man page for rc.conf
is excellent in its explanation of these (and other) settings.  You can also
use /stand/sysinstal and then look in /etc/rc.conf to see what it added, 
is a pretty good way to learn.

>2. Where do i find the config for resolving hosts(DNS)??

If you just want to point it at a nameserver, /etc/resolv.conf and put 
in your
nameservers like this:
If you want to set up a DNS cache, the files are in /etc/namedb, but
explaining how to do that is a bit beyond what I'm willing to type this
morning.  See the docs.

>3. How do i make an update to the newer snapshot 5.0 version of
>FreeBSD(my network device not compatible with the    	install

Read the handbook section on cvsup, also read the handbook section on
-STABLE vs. -CURRENT.  If you're not familiar with FreeBSD you
probably don't want a 5.0-CURRENT machine, that's the development

>In my first look of the operating system i can only say: I like it.. =)
>Much easier than NetBSD..
>/Kim, dumb Swede.. =)
>[Quote: Linus Torvalds - Aug 27, 2000 - linux-kernel mailing list] 
>"And I'm right. I'm always right, but in this case I'm just a bit more 
>right than I usually am." -- Linus Torvalds
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