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Date:      Mon, 13 Oct 2014 09:52:48 +0400 (MSK)
From:      "Igor V. Ruzanov" <>
To:        Daniel Corbe <>
Subject:   Re: Freeing wired memory
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As said Anton aerlier, wired its kernel memory. So called unpageble 
regions "living" in a RAM (physical memory).

|There's an application running on one of my hosts which has a memory
|leak in it.  It ends up consuming a fair chunk of available RAM:
|Mem: 2312M Active, 69M Inact, 13G Wired, 39M Cache, 1684M Buf, 354M Free
|My understanding is Wired memory is memory that may not necessarily be
|in use but it is reserved for applications that either have at one point
|needed it or may need it in the future.
|I'll kill the app in another few days or so because calls to malloc()
|will begin to fail across the board.  
|But my main problem right now is I usually have to reboot the box
|because killing the app and restarting it does NOT return any memory to
|the free pool.
|The step I'd like to avoid here is rebooting the box.
|So I'm obviously missing something.
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