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Date:      Sun, 13 Jan 2008 11:20:42 -0600
From:      Jonathan Horne <>
Subject:   using restore to recover a freebsd system
Message-ID:  <>

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ive been practicing using dump and restore.  the dumping is easy... i think.  
my dump command is as such:

dump -0uLaf /opt/backups/athena-root-0 /

/opt is an NFS mounted share from another server.  the dump completed without 
errors.  however, when i restore, i do this:

1) install a new drive in the system
2) boot to livefs cd, use the sysinstaller to fdisk and label the new drive
3) use configure to activate the network interface
4) drop to fixit shell
5) mount my nfs share via its IP (no resolv seems to be working, even if i 
make a resolv.conf)

at this point, i have tried restoring the automatically mounted slices that 
label made, and i have also tried unmounting everything, and remounting 
single slices (ie, instead of /mnt, and then usr mounted under /mnt/usr, 
having them all non-tree-like mounted to /mnt/root /mnt/usr /mnt/var, etc).

every time, restore begins by complaining that it expected file xxxx, but got 
file yyyy.  it goes for a bit, and then dumps.  it also complains that file 
system is full, but i ahve checked and rechecked that i have the right file 
systems mounted to each mount (ie, not mounting a 500mb temp to where usr 
needs to be).  my restore command was as such:

cd /mnt/usr
restore /opt/backups/athena-usr-0

root actually does complete, but usr dumps, and bombs out.  can anyone give me 
some pointers for successfully using restore to reload a dump?  im trying to 
nail this process down from a total disaster recovery point of view.

Jonathan Horne
freebsd08 _@_

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