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Date:      Sat, 9 May 2020 08:11:17 -0400
From:      Jerry <>
Subject:   Re: Microsoft Teams for Linux
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On Sat, 9 May 2020 12:16:04 +0100, Steve O'Hara-Smith commented:
>On Sat, 9 May 2020 06:25:17 -0400
>Jerry <> wrote:
>> On Sat, 9 May 2020 06:32:22 +0100, Steve O'Hara-Smith commented: =20
>> >On Fri, 8 May 2020 18:53:27 -0400
>> >Jerry <> wrote:
>> > =20
>> >> Both "Zoom" and "MS Teams" are working fine in my Win10 machine. I
>> >> have never tried to get them to work on FreeBSD, and I have no
>> >> idea why I would want to. I don't have a linux machine handy,
>> >> although that is on my "to-do" list. Perhaps by the end of this
>> >> summer.   =20
>> >
>> > One good reason for wanting them working on Linux or FreeBSD is not
>> > owning a Windows machine. I don't, so if I wished to use either of
>> > those tools it seems I would need to buy one or try and get it to
>> > work on something else. =20
>> You seem to be under some preconceived notion that your need to
>> 'own' a Windows or other OS machine. You could run the
>> application(s) in a VM. It is becoming ubiquitous from what I have
>> observed. =20
>	I still need to own a Windows license to do that - I do not.

I need a license to operate a motor vehicle. I have a choice; get a
license and drive my vehicle, or don't secure a license and then find
other modes of transportation. I cannot carry a gun (in most states)
without a license. There are literally hundreds of examples of where
there is a prerequisite require. Think about it. Doctors, lawyers, all
need to secure a license before they can work in their field.

Your complaint is invalid. It is a personal choice that you are freely

>> I am so sick and tired of a bunch of "Whiney Wieners" crying about
>> standards. =20
>	Standards are important, without standards there would be no

Wrong, without the freedom to innovate, there would have been no
Internet. Heck, there probably would have been no personal computing to
begin with.

My wife works with a organization that has recently started using
'Zoom". As a municipal employee, I use what ever protocol they choose to
use. Since the pandemic, they have chosen to use "MS Teams." I get a
link and attend the meeting. No muss, no fuss, and no expense on my
part. Attendance at these meetings has grown since this video
conferencing was instituted. I hope they continue the practice after
this pandemic crap is gone.

By the way, I have never met any open-source enthusiast who had any
qualms regarding pilfering software sans payment and using it for their
own use. Face it, you feel that "everyone" owes you. On the other end
of the spectrum, I have never had a problem paying for a product or
service as long as it met my needs and specifications. If it fails to
live up to those requirements, I either don't purchase or use it, as
conditions dictate.

No one is 'forcing' you to use anything. It is not the world's job to
conform to your standards, but rather for you to conform to its. You can
light a candle or curse the darkness. It is your choice. As I am always
told, "patches welcome".


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