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Date:      Mon, 12 Jan 2009 07:51:18 +0000
From:      Stacey Roberts <>
Subject:   Re: FIXED: vpnc connects, but does not work
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Hi perryh!
   Thanks for the reply..,

On Sun, 11 Jan 2009, wrote:

> > I also have this problem, the difference being that mine
> > **USED to** work, but now it suddenly stoped working.
> > I tried adding the line to my conf file as you did, but
> > for me, the problem remains:
> > Appears to connect and authenticate successfully to my office's
> > VPN concentrator Once (apparently) connected, I can't access any
> > resources on the company network (mail / servers, etc), nor can
> > I ping anything..,
> Including the IP address of your tun0 interface?  (If you can ping
> that, but nothing beyond, you have a different problem than I had.)

Nope - same as yours.., 

> > Wondering if you can point me to where you found the info on the
> > various options I can try to continue debugging this problem,
> > please.
> That line came from the output of "vpnc --long-help".
> Other things to look at are the vpnc(8) manpage, the
> /usr/local/share/doc/vpnc/README file, and the TODO
> file in /usr/ports/security/vpnc/work/vpnc-0.4.0.
> There's more detail of what I think is going on in this thread:
> By the time you get it working again, you will probably have learned
> more about the workings of vpnc than you really cared to know :)
> > The FW guys at the office aren't exactly forthcoming where non-MS
> > windows is concerned, you see..,

This is great - I had a peek, so will pour over these and see how I get on with further
debugging.., Its not TOO bad on my side, as I do have a Linux OS that I have access to that
strangely does use vpnc successfully.

Will press on with the pointers you've provided here. Thanks for the help!


S Roberts

> Not surprising :(  Too many security types act as if obscurity
> helped security, not realizing that it inconveniences only their
> customers and not their enemies.
> Any chance they would be willing to say what config change they made
> on their end about the time it stopped working, without reference to
> what is running on your end?  Another thing to check is whether your
> ISP changed something.
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