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Date:      Thu, 05 Sep 2013 20:47:02 +0200
From:      Miroslav Lachman <>
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Cc:,, Ivan Voras <>,
Subject:   Re: New iSCSI stack.
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Edward Tomasz Napierała wrote:
> Wiadomość napisana przez Ivan Voras<>  w dniu 5 wrz 2013, o godz. 13:18:
>> On 05/09/2013 12:27, Edward Tomasz Napierała wrote:
>>> Hello.  At you'll find
>>> a patch which adds the new iSCSI initiator and target, against 10-CURRENT.
>>> To use the new initiator, start with "man iscsictl".  For the target - "man
>>> ctld".
>> Just a naming question: "ctld" could mean anything, I'd parse it as a
>> "control deamon" or something like that. Could you name it something
>> which reminds the user of iscsi? Like iscsictld?
> As the man page says, ctld is "CAM Target Layer / iSCSI target daemon".
> Sure, right now it's pretty iSCSI-specific, but it doesn't need to be - it can
> be extended to just manage CTL configuration (e.g. for Fibre Channel),
> or to support other CTL-backed storage protocols, such as FCoE.
> It's just a helper daemon for ctl(4) - thus, ctld(8).  And in case someone
> does "man -k iscsi", there is the "iSCSI target" in the manual page title.

I understand your explanation, but still thinking rc.conf variables are 
really confusing and unintuitive:


I cannot tell what they control just by their names and the same apply 
for services names.

"If I want to restart iscsi target, should I use 'service iscsid 
restart' or 'service iscsictl restart'? ... oh wait, it should be 
'service ctld restart'"

I think it should be more user friendly. Something as Apache 2.2.x has 
httpd and httpd.conf, but users are using 'service apache22 restart' and 
'apache22_enable="YES"', because there can be more "http" daemons.

My $0.02

Miroslav Lachman

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