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Date:      Wed, 28 Jan 2009 13:35:05 +1000
From:      Da Rock <>
Subject:   Re: KDE: What a monster!
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On Wed, 2009-01-28 at 03:57 +0100, Polytropon wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Jan 2009 23:36:22 +0100 (CET), Wojciech Puchar <> wrote:
> > "programming environment"? what do you mean?
> Some "heler application" for integration and managing source
> files, such as KDevelop, Eclipse or the like.

Whether or not it helps others, I'm using netbeans because its very
helpful (code completion, auto help dialogs- can be annoying but
manageable) in that it reminds me of what else is in a large system of
code, and it handles many different languages even when they're all in
the same app (php, javascript, java, ruby, etc). I'm working on several
different projects to keep things going so I need the flexibility.

I know I could probably use emacs and customise, but I can't quite see
all that without a lot of hassle. Plus I need to maintain X systems for
my users anyway- so why bother fussing? They need a nice, flashy system
to work with so the more I use it the better I can tune it to their

I deal a lot with users and X, hence my viewpoint on the subject. I also
contend with "stuck in a rut"s who refuse to move from a buggy, insecure
systems like M$ provides. The most ridiculous situations are when
supposedly staunch FOSS administrators are trapped into doing bulk
administrative tasks on windows only admin system because (1) the users
want something only M$ provides, (2) they can't figure a way to run a
suitable alternative on FOSS. Ergo, they're stuck doing a task hundreds
of times over because it can't be scripted due to lack of cli.

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