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Date:      Wed, 31 Mar 2004 01:59:34 +0300
From:      Niki Denev <>
To:        Peter Schuller <>
Subject:   Re: ThinkPad X31, Fn buttons
Message-ID:  <>
References:  <000201c41391$205b3350$0300000a@niked> <>

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Peter Schuller writes:

>> i have an Tp X31 (with the latest bios), with FreeBSD 5.2.1-p3 installed,
>> everything seems to work ok, wireless(ProjectEvil rules!), net, audio, X,
>> firewire, with hw.pci.unsupported_io_range enabled.
>> But whenever i press some of the 'special', Fn keys, such as to
>> increase/decrease brightness, volume up/down, keyboard light, or even the
>> lid switch, the machine instantly freezes....
>> i'm experiencing this only with acpi enabled, but i hope that i can keep
>> acpi on, so i don't like the idea of disabling acpi.
> I am experiencing the same problem on the T40p, except I get it with both ACPI 
> and APM - but *ONLY* if I have the extra 'ultrabay' batteri plugged in. When 
> running with just the main battery I have no such problems.
> Also it tends to hang somewhere around disk synching during shutdown/reboot 
> aswell (again only with the extra battery).
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on my X31 without ACPI, the special keys seem to work without freezing the 
laptop, but i have about 1 minute or less after booting before total freeze, 
again without any error message, and without chance to invoke the 
debugger.... i've tried to enable all of the possible ACPI debug messages, 
but they fill up the screen very fast....
 i'm now trying to disable different ACPI components, to see what will 

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