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Date:      Wed, 31 Dec 2003 19:29:49 -0600
From:      Dan Nelson <>
To:        Eric F Crist <>
Subject:   Re: Tape backup solution? [OT]
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In the last episode (Dec 31), Eric F Crist said:
> I have a question that's slightly off-topic, but not.  I install
> high-end surveillance equipment for CCTV and such.  I have a rather
> large client in Minneapolis who's using Dedicated Micros digital
> video recorders.  The particular model we're using has a 500 GB hdd,
> but this client would like to archive images to tape for longer
> storage.  As of now, we're only getting about 2 months of recording
> time.  For off-site viewing, this unit can off-load images to a SCSI
> cd recorder.  Does anyone suggest a tape backup device that would be
> SCSI and external, with a fairly high-capacity?  I'm thinking around
> 50 GB?

I can't find a good web page to refer you to, but here's a quick
summary of what's available.  Capacity and transfer rate are native; if
your data is 2:1 compressible, double both columns.

Drive   Capacity  Xfer rate
        (GB)      (MB/Sec)

DLT     40        6
sDLT    110-300   11-36
LTO     100       15
LTO2    200       30
AIT3    100       12
SAIT1   500       30

	Dan Nelson

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