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Date:      Wed, 1 Feb 2017 10:49:43 -0500
From:      "Paul Christopher" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   RE: Infor Partner Info

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I was researching your company website and I understand that your company is
a "Infor Partner" and I figured it'd be worth leaving a note, We maintain
about 25 Million+ B2B contacts from various industries. We are specialized
in working with companies whose target market is Infor Users. By helping
them acquire relevant Marketing Lists. Just wanted to check if you would be
interested in reaching out to Infor users and similar service provider and
users with contact information for your Lead Generation, Email campaign,
Tele marketing and other marketing initiatives?


We have Infor Products Users like:


2DDesignAutomation, 3DDesignAutomation, ACmanagerCRM, Adage,
AdvancedPlanning, AdvancedScheduling, AnaelFMS, AnaelHCM, Approva, Baan5.x,
BaanIV, Infor BI, BIApplicationStudio, BIDashboards, BIDeltaMiner,
BIImportMaster, BIOfficePlus, BPCS, CAS, CloudSuite, Infor COM, Infor CORS,
CPM, Infor CRM, Infor DemandPlanning, Infor DistributionFACTS, Infor
DistributionSX.e, ESeriesFMS, ESeriesHCM, Infor EAM, Infor e-Commerce,
Elevon, EnRoute, EPAK, Epiphany, EzLite, EzPLUS, EzRMS, F9, FourthShift,
GlobalHR, GrowthPower, Infor HMS, InfiniumFMS, InfiniumHCM, InfiniumMM/PR,
Infopoint, Inforce, Infor ION, Infor KBM, Landmark, Lawson, Leanware, Infor
LN, Infor LoadPlanning, Infor LX, MSeriesFMS, MSeriesHCM, Infor M3, M3EAM,
MAC-PACXE, MANMAN, MasterpieceFMS, MasterpieceHCM, MAX+TM, MAXCIM,
MaxRecall, MediSuite, Ming.le, Infor MK, Mongoose, Infor MP2, NetworkDesign,
Optiva, Pathway, PLMDiscrete, PLMFashion, Point.Man, PRISM,  InforPRMS,
Protean, PublicSector, Infor RFID, RoutePlanning, SalesPortal,
SmartStreameXFM, SmartStreamFMS, SmartStreamHCM, StarlightPMS, System21,
TRANS4M, Workspace, Infor XA, Infor XBRL, Infor Xpert and many more Users
across the globe.....


All contacts come with the following information: LinkedIn Profile, Company
Name, Contact name, Title, Address, Phone, Fax, City, State, Zip codes,
Country, Industry, Employee size, Revenue size, Sic Code, Website and
verified email address.


Unlike any other vendors out there, our lists are dual verified (Email &
Call). We only provide you opt in contacts (permission based).


Note: If this is not relevant to you please reply back with your Target
Market, we have all types of target market available.


If it sounds good for you, Please let me know your Exact:


Target Industry/Technology User: _________________ (Any Industry)

Target Geography :________________( worldwide)

Target Job Title :__________________( Any Job Title)


So, that I can get back to you with more information like counts, cost and
as well as free sample file for your review.


Waiting for your Swift Response



Paul Christopher

Marketing Manager

Cordell Data Marketing Inc.

984 Rowley Drive 
San Jose 95132
United States


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