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Date:      7 Feb 1995 12:11:46 +0100
From: (Frank Bartels)
Subject:   Re: trouble w/ bad144/badsect
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Paul Vinciguerra ( wrote:
> I'm having trougle with FreeBSD 2.0 on my 386 with a 1 gig ide drive.  
> BSD keeps giving me the FSBN #'s and the BN#'s. I can't mark these 
> sectors bad with either bad144 or badsect.

> The message I get is the following:
>     wd0f: hard error reading fsbn 1580785 of 1580736 - 1580847 (wd0 bn 
>     1978561; cn 1962 tn 13 sn 46)wd0: status 59<seekdone,drq,err> error 
>     40 <uncorr>

I have exactly the same problem under 1.1.5. This happens sometimes more
than twice a day:

Feb  4 19:07:51 sogand /386bsd: wd0b: hard error writing fsbn 2368
	of 2368-2375 (wd0 bn 33223; cn 130 tn 4 sn 5)
Feb  4 19:07:52 sogand /386bsd: wd0: status 51<seekdone,err> error 10<no_id>
Feb  4 19:07:52 sogand /386bsd: error 5 blkno 2368 sz 4096
Feb  4 19:07:52 sogand /386bsd: swap_pager_finish: clean of page 701000 failed

If I run `bad144 wd0' I get:

bad block information at sector 255238 in /dev/rwd0d:
cartridge serial number: 716609031(10)
bad144: /dev/rwd0d: bad flag in bad-sector table
bad144: /dev/rwd0d: bad magic number
bad144: cyl/trk/sect out of range in existing entry: sn=10199118, cn=39995, tn=9, sn=240
bad144: cyl/trk/sect out of range in existing entry: sn=798780, cn=3116, tn=233, sn=239
bad144: bad sector file is out of order
bad144: cyl/trk/sect out of range in existing entry: sn=14549647, cn=57041, tn=245, sn=27
[thousands of lines deleted]

There seems to be no command or option to clear or reset this table.

Please help!

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