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Date:      Sun, 12 Mar 1995 14:09:21 +0059 (MET)
From:      Andreas Schulz <>
To: (Chris Madison)
Subject:   Re: vm_pageout -- out of swap
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Chris Madison" at Mar 11, 95 09:00:46 pm

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> of running out of vm.  Mostly while I am in X and have a few
> processes running.  Just now I had slip, netscape, 3 xterms, axe,
> and clock active while ft was extracting.  When directing netscape to 
> another page, it was killed bye running out of vm:-(

Look at the swap space usage with "swapinfo", this gives more info
that "vmstat" to see how full your swap space is and to see if it is
mounted :-).
Look if you are running some unnecessary daemons you don't need. If you
don't have a printer online kill the lpd. If you don't read mail on this
machine, kill sendmail :-). If you don't need nfs, check if the nfsd or
nfsiod. If you are working with a default route you don't need to run routed.

And built a custom kernel if you are running with a generic kernel now.
For a "small memory" :-) machine like yours this also helps. Use the 
GENERIC kernel as a template and throw out all drivers you don't need.

	  ATS ( or )

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