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Date:      Sat, 30 Sep 2006 21:11:07 GMT
From:      Mark <>
To:        "'FreeBSD-Questions Questions'" <>
Subject:   RE: Trouble with Berkeley DB version 4.4.20?
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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alex Zbyslaw []
> Sent: zaterdag 30 september 2006 20:14
> To: Mark
> Cc: 'FreeBSD-Questions Questions'
> Subject: Re: Trouble with Berkeley DB version 4.4.20?
> > I have done this upgrade path for BerkeleyDB and Perl several times;
> > from 1.85 -> 4.1 -> 4.2, and now -> 4.4.20. It has always worked well.
> > Even now it compiles just fine. It just isn't stable anymore.
> >
> > If someone out there has an idea, I'd really like to know.
> I don't have any good answers for you, sorry. Probably no-one is answer-
> ing because no-one active is doing anything with these particular pack-
> age versions.
> But, there is a port of BerkeleyDB (databases/p5-BerkeleyDB) which would
> save you from having to mess around configuring yourself. Just
> set something like WITH_BDB_VER=44 (or 42 or...) in pkgtools.conf (for
> portupgrade) or make.conf or on the command line. The port doesn't seem
> to do any local patches so I wouldn't expect it to work any better for
> you, unless you have been doing something wrong.

Thanks for answering. Really appreciate it.

I actually already tried p5-BerkeleyDB too. Had high hopes for it. It took
a good 10 minutes or so to compile a new gcc, 3.2.23, first; but after
that, everything went well. Except that it shows the same behavior.
Compile goes fine; "make tests" too. But my app core dumps every, say,
30 times it accesses BerkeleyDB.

> I use 4.2 with p5-BerkeleyDB and no problems for me, but I do nothing
> complicated - really just pretend it's 1.85 without bugs!

My BerkeleyDB 4.2 with Perl is rock-stable, too. Never a glitch of any kind.

> If you don't need the functionality of 4.4 then downgrade back to 4.2
> and keep an eye on the 4.4 and p5-BerkeleyDB ports, and try again in a
> few months.

I think I'll do that. I believe BerkeleyDB 4.5 has just been released
already. I'll wait for it to appear in the ports. I do not actually need
the functionality of 4.4. Like you, I just use 4.2 as 1.85 without the
bugs. :) Upgrading just seemed like the thing to do. If you look at the
Sleepycat bug-list, it seems they fixed a whole lot of them since 4.2; but
I cannot say I ever really ran into one.

So, I'll wait for 4.5. Not much I can do. Should have been a pretty
straightforward upgrade; but it isn't. And analyzing a Perl core dump
without symbolic information is pretty useless too. Besides, from my own
debug markers I set, it does not core dump in the same place each time.
So, it's just that: unstable.


- Mark

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