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Date:      Sat, 21 Nov 2009 15:02:02 -0500
From:      David Horn <>
To:        Tim Judd <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Questions <>, Chris Whitehouse <>
Subject:   Re: device hint -> disable firewire or sbp driver
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On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 2:15 PM, Tim Judd <> wrote:
> On 11/21/09, Chris Whitehouse <> wrote:
>> Tim Judd wrote:
>>> Any way via tunables, environment, sysctl or device hints that one can
>>> disable firewire on the install medium of recent (7.2 and newer)
>>> Install CD/DVDs?
>>> more than one person is having problems with kernel panics on startup
>>> due to firewire, and I can't google my way out of this one.
>>> Any advice from the pros?
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>> Tim,
>> I've got one of the affected motherboards if this is the problem you mea=
>> The things that have worked for me are disabling firewire in the BIOS
>> and using a GENERIC kernel or building a kernel with device sbp disabled
>> and having firewire enabled in the BIOS.
> See though, the guys coming to FreeBSD from $another-OS gets a panic
> from the install medium, which isn't speaking very well of our
> quality.
> I got caught with this because the guy I was helping online had an
> amd64-capable system, to which I don't. =A0I can't build a install CD or
> kernel to help him. =A0I have a PCI firewire card that runs sbp, but the
> livecd doesn't panic when i was booting from it.
> I tried all sorts of disabling hints, tried to go upstream (see it's
> dependencies and disable it's dependencies) and it still gave me a sbp
> when the system finished booting.
> Thought about asking him to run the memstick and disabling it from
> there, but he still can't get past it booting to tweak anything. =A0He
> didn't have an option to disable firewire in the BIOS, and there was
> no bios update from Sony for his Vaio.
> I got stuck, and it started to wear thin that we have such a major
> panic on install CDs. =A0My mentality is to offer disk, cd and network
> support in the kernel on the install CD/DVDs, but the generic kernel
> that's installed has everything.
> If others would like to offer suggestions, I'm still open for them.
>> hint.sbp.0.disabled=3D"1" in /boot/device.hints with GENERIC kernel -
>> still get a panic
>> sbp_load=3D"YES" in /boot/loader.conf with sbp disabled in the kernel -
>> get panic.
>> It seems ok to kldload sbp after the system is up, ie the machine
>> doesn't panic, but I don't have anything firewire to test with.
>> Would it be an option to have sbp disabled by default in the install
>> CD's? Those without the problem can put sbp_load in loader.conf, those
>> with the problem will have to kldload it later but at least they will be
>> able to install.

As per svn and cvs:

r199112 | kensmith | 2009-11-09 16:39:42 -0500 (Mon, 09 Nov 2009) | 11 line=
Changed paths:
   M /stable/8/sys/amd64/conf/GENERIC
   M /stable/8/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC
   M /stable/8/sys/ia64/conf/GENERIC
   M /stable/8/sys/powerpc/conf/GENERIC
   M /stable/8/sys/sparc64/conf/GENERIC

Comment out the sbp(4) entry for GENERIC config files that contain it.
There are known issues with this driver that are beyond what can be
fixed for 8.0-RELEASE and the bugs can cause boot failure on some systems.
It's not clear if it impacts all systems and there is interest in getting
the problem fixed so for now just comment it out instead of remove it.

Commit straight to stable/8, this is an 8.0-RELEASE issue.  Head was left
alone so work on it can continue there.

Reviewed by:    Primary misc. architecture maintainers (marcel, marius)

Looks like sbp(4) is disabled on the 8.0 branch already.


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