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Date:      23 Jul 1998 14:14:07 -0500
To:        questions@FreeBSD.ORG,
Subject:   routing/gateway/slow ethernet problem
Message-ID:  <"0723181723-routing/gateway/slow ethernet problem"@MHS>

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     Hello all-
     I have two FreeBSD 2.2.6 machines set up at home.  One act as my 
     "workstation" ( - I run X on it.  The other functions as a 
     "server" ( and holds my web site, connectivity to DOS file 
     systems, etc.  It also dials the phone and acts as a gateway for me 
     when I surf the net.  This worked well (I was *delighted*) until now.  
     Recently, the workstation has been timing out on boot during the mount 
     -a -t nfs step and during the sendmail startup.  After trying about 
     35,481 different NIC cards, wires, settings, etc, I discovered this:
     If I set rc.conf defaultrouter="NO" on the workstation, booting is 
     fast, and I can quickly telnet to the server.  However, for example, 
     packets like DNS requests are not routed to the proper machine (my ISP 
     DNS box via  If I set rc.conf defaultrouter="" 
     booting is slow, telnet takes forever, but DNS works (sometimes).  My 
     server has rc.conf gateway_enable="YES" so it should route packets.  
     I've turned off NFS and commented out exports entirely until this is 
     I'm using the ep and vx interfaces, and they light up the hub between 
     the machines without a problem connected with 10base-T.  I correctly 
     specify link2 for ifconfig_xx0 in each case.
     My ISP recently hosed all their customers and caused me to change some 
     server IP addresses etc.  1) How can I figure out what's happening; 2) 
     how do I look at the routing tables, I want to see if old routing info 
     is in there;  3) Can FreeBSD "burn out" a 3C5X9 NIC card?

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