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Date:      Sun, 18 Jan 2009 23:53:08 -0700
From:      Tim Judd <>
To:        aaron lewis <>
Subject:   Re: About FreeBSD hardware compatibility?
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aaron lewis wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm  a freebsd lovers , i wonna install fbsd7.1 to my laptop (IBM
> Thinkpad R400 a18).
>   There's no available informations on laptop compatibility lists. So do you
> have any solutions to make a quick check if everything will work?
> I know Solaris has a Install_check tool which will give a list  whether a
> hardware has solaris drivers ,third-part driver or not supported.
> Does Fbsd has something likely?
> Thk in advance!
The most reliable way to check, is by booting the livefs cd and checking 
pciconf -lvvv for any none* devices.  the none* devices may be given a 
driver if you load a module, but what's in GENERIC on the livefs, is 
what's in GENERIC when you first boot it from the hard disk.

This is an invaluable tool when I am just curious.  It's also the 
invaluable tool for disaster recovery.  Try the CD, and post to 
-questions when you get stuck with a device that should be recognized.


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