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Date:      Tue, 10 Oct 1995 16:05:13 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Robert N Watson <>
Subject:   bad144 on a 1gig IDE drive
Message-ID:  <>

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Yes, it's me, the one with numerous NIS, wd1, etc, problems.  Well,
those are all fixed ;).  However, now I have to deal with a set of bad
blocks that inopportunely turned up in my /var partition.  It's going to
be one of those days, I think (so far in the last two days: failed to
install a 540 meg IDE drive for about 18+ housr).  I have set several
bad144 sessions going over the past 8 hours, trying to get some
combination and setup that is happy, and have had a variety of problems,
but so far been unable to mark any bad blocks with it.  It scans fine,
and finds them, they just don't get marked because bad144 aborts each
time.  This time it got..

Block:  271516 will be marked BAD.
Block:  271517 will be marked BAD.
Block:  271518 will be marked BAD.
Too many bad sectors, can only handle 126 per slice.

Which seems logical, only leaving the question what to do about it.  It
also failed with a variety of sn# errors earlier, but that seems to have
stopped for now.  As far as I know, badsect is the other bad sector
handling program -- does anyopne have any particular advice as to how to
pull all the information together and block off the sectors from general
use?  I assume some script combining bad144 to get the bad block
numbers, and then badsect to create a file over them, but I honestly
don't know, as I haven't dealt with this problem before.  Is there any
way to turn up the number of sectors handled by bad144, or a premade
script someone has lying around to block out such sectors?


    Robert Watson ( * Double major: IDS/CS * H&SS

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