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Date:      Fri, 10 Aug 2007 19:49:45 +0200
From:      Bram Schoenmakers <>
Cc:        Nikos Vassiliadis <>
Subject:   Re: Problem with dump over SSH: Operation timed out
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Op vrijdag 10 augustus 2007, schreef u:


> This really looks like a broken PMTU discovery.
> Is this still the case? After the firewall changes you did?
> Things may be different now. But, if a router in the path
> is filtering all ICMP traffic then the problem will remain.
> Try this on both hosts:
> sysctl net.inet.tcp.path_mtu_discovery=0
> sysctl net.inet.tcp.mssdflt=1000  (just to be safe,
> the default on 4.x is 1400, which can be big
> on 6.x is just 512)
> Please, just use scp to do your testing.
> When you rule out the possibility of a problematic
> network, you will add the (gzip|bzip2) & dump parts.
> Nikos

Thank you for those suggestions, it's appreciated. Although I get the same 
results with setting those values both on the server and on the client. SCP 
starts full speed, but at 20% of the 200 MB file it starts to stall. All ICMP 
traffic was open on both firewalls at that time.


Kind regards,

Bram Schoenmakers

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