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Date:      Mon, 06 Aug 2012 10:35:04 +0100
From:      Matthew Seaman <>
To:        Yoanna Savova <>
Subject:   Re: Partnership query
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On 06/08/2012 09:15, Yoanna Savova wrote:

> By way of brief introduction, my name is Yoanna Savova, part of the
> CloudSigma team. We are interested in becoming your partners. We see th=
> are many hardware and software vendors enlisted on your site who offer =
> FreeBSD product.
> Hence, I am interested to fin out how we can do this. Shall we have a c=
> this week?

Hi, Yoanna,

Thank you very much for your interest in FreeBSD.  I think it would make
an excellent addition to your cloud server OS offering.

However, one thing that might not be immediately obvious: the FreeBSD
organization is not a commercial entity.  We're a bunch of volunteers
who build and maintain this operating system in our spare time.
"Partnering" as such doesn't really fit with the way we work.

Of course, you are very welcome to *use* FreeBSD and offer it as an
option on your website.  You can just do that without needing to ask
anyone.  Should you, or your technical team need any assistance with
that, then feel free to ask on this or any of the more specific mailing
lists or IRC channels: it's free, and you will generally get a pretty
fast and accurate response, but that cannot be guaranteed contractually.

If you do make FreeBSD part of your portfolio, then of course the
project will be glad to add links to your company site on the Hardware
and Software Vendors pages.  As it says on the site, simply fill out
this PR form:

with a HTML format paragraph of text describing your FreeBSD related
services in the description field, set the category to 'www' and class
to 'change-request', and add appropriate contact details.  (Most of the
other fields in that form can be left empty as they are irrelevant to
your particular request.)  The website should be updated with your
details in due course.

About the closest thing there is to a company supporting FreeBSD at the
moment is the FreeBSD Foundation: it would probably be worth your while
enquiring with them about how your company can benefit from supporting
and being seen to support the FreeBSD project.



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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