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Date:      Fri, 29 May 1998 11:21:22 -0700
From: (Ali Liptrot, Stalker Software, Inc.)
To:        www@FreeBSD.ORG (
Subject:   CommuniGate Pro mail server
Message-ID:  <>

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Below is my html paragraph to add to your "Vendor" pate on your FreeBDS we
site. Please let me know when it is posted. Hope the paragraph is not too
long. Happy TGIF!


<A HREF="">Stalker Software, Inc.</A> offers <A 
HREF="">CommuniGate Pro</A>, The Internet
messaging server. Based on the Stalker Foundation framework, it employs
the native services of all major operating systems including Windows 95/98,
Windows NT, the Apple Rhapsody, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and others. The
CommuniGate Pro server takes full advantage of modern multi-threaded and
multi-processor environments, and includes anti-spam protection,
administration via the Web, extensive multi-domain support, dial-up
capabilities, unique IMAP multi- mailbox features and designed to provide
access to hundreds of thousand accounts, and to relay mail on the most heavily
loaded sites. Download the FREE Trial version from <A HREF="http:// cgatepro">Stalker Software's website</A> or e-mail <A HREF=
"">Stalker Software Sales</A>.

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