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Date:      Mon, 1 Nov 1999 14:53:41 EST
Subject:   Re: A few questions
Message-ID:  <>

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One thing to add about the filesystem, is the long fsck's(File system checks) 
you have to go threw in linux. If you dont umount properly or your machine 
crashes, Linux will make you sit threw long checks, taking almost 5 mins(on 
6gig) to be completed. In the future linux will have a Journaling File System 
and hopefully FreeBSD will the also.

>There was a recent debate here over how FreeBSD's file system *may* be
>better for reliablility than linux, even though it *may* be slower.  The
>FreeBSD TCP/IP processing routines are supposedly faster and more robust
>than almost anyone else's.  Also, the filesystem makes more sense and is
>well laid out.  FreeBSD, unlike Linux, is based on actual UNIX OS code,
>whereas Linux is a very good workalike to unix.

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