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Date:      Thu, 4 Jan 2018 18:57:29 -0800
From:      Marc G Fournier <>
To:        FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   BSDStats: reporting bug fixed
Message-ID:  <>

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For those that have been having varying success with installing and =
running bsdstats ( sysutils/bsdstats ), we just fixed a bug on the =
server side that was causing new servers to fail to be able to report.  =20=

If you have installed it recently, your server will get reported =
properly starting the beginning of Febrary ( if running out of periodic =
), but if you want to test and make sure, please take a moment to run:


As root, from the command line, to make sure that no errors are being =

For those unaware of what BSDStats is =E2=80=A6 it is an anonymous data =
collection script tthat can be installed on your desk / server to push =
out information about your server, including:

OS Version
Ports installed ( and version )
Country of Origin

The submission is totally anonymized, with no information about your =
server being stored in the database that can be traced back to you =E2=80=A6=
 all submissions are based on a token that is generated and stored in =
/var/db/bsdstats on your machine.

To see the statistics themselves, please go to =
<>; =E2=80=A6 its not just FreeBSD, but all known =
BSDs ( although the two biggest *are* FreeBSD and TrueOS/PCBSD ).

If anyone has any issues with bsdstats-send, or questions, please feel =
free to email me directly =E2=80=A6

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