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Date:      Fri, 6 Jul 2007 10:04:45 -0700
From:      George <>
Subject:   Re: buildworld   inquiry
Message-ID:  <20070706170445.GA988@home>
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On Fri, Jul 06, 2007 at 11:35:04AM -0400, Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
> After failing to upgrade to 6.2, I'm taking a members advice and going
> to buildworld. I have two questions. How long will it take.  And do I
> need to stop the other programs from running.  The reason I ask is
> because I use the bsd box as a mail filter.  Running Exim SA and
> ClamAv so I need to know how long it would take if I have to take it
> off line-
> My box is a PIII 500mhz with 512 ram

I have many such machines.  I noted the following numbers when recently
building world and kernel on one of my VIA C3 machines at home.  The
numbers are more or less in line with what you can expect from a single
processor, single drive (ATA) PIII system with zero load:

# time make buildworld 
real    159m21.710s
user    133m1.959s
sys     21m58.076s

# time make buildkernel
real    3111.62s
user    2637.72s
sys     264.71s

That works out to about 3-1/2 hours total.  In your case, it looks like
an overnight job unless you take if offline.  Me, I prefer to build on
(and install from) a separate, dedicated box.  Less groaning if
something goes wrong among other things.

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