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Date:      Sat, 4 Feb 2012 23:11:56 -0800
From:      Kevin Oberman <>
To:        Julian Elischer <>
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Subject:   Re: HowTo easy use IPFW
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2012/2/4 Julian Elischer <>:
> On 2/2/12 1:33 AM, =EB=CF=CE=D8=CB=CF=D7 =E5=D7=C7=C5=CE=C9=CA wrote:
>> this is the mine script which helps me keep my firewall very clean and
>> safe.
>> It is easy to understand even if you have a thousands rules, I think =3D=
>> please comment.
>> PS. If anybody may, please put into ports tree. thank you.
> it would probably be get more response if it was in a file format we had
> heard of.. like tar..
> WTF is a ".rar" =9Afile?

rar is a compression and archiving tool used commonly for bittorrent.
The tool to extract files is in port archivers/rar, but it's
commercial and a proprietary format. The free tool is only capable of
extracting, not compressing. It is reported that its compression is
very good, better than bzip2, xz and can even do a reasonable job of
compressing things like already compressed video formats. (Probably
why it became popular for bittorrent.)

R. Kevin Oberman, Network Engineer

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