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Date:      Fri, 2 Feb 2007 17:50:51 -0800 (PST)
Subject:   Re: Backspaces converted to ^? -- want to get rid of ^? -_-...
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On Fri, 2 Feb 2007, Bill Campbell wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 02, 2007, wrote:
>>       Ok, this happens regularly on my FreeBSD box at home when I'm not
>>       su'ed in as root using vim, or the SuSe box at work when I VNC into
>>       it (using vim once again), and I'm frankly quite tired of lame
>>       control characters screwing up my day. Is there any way to fix this
>>       behavior so pressing backspace erases a character, not prints out a
>>       ^? character?
> This is generally a function of your terminal emulator or xterm and is a
> carryover from old DEC terminal's stupid keyboard mappings.
> The attached XTerm file put in $HOME/XTerm will get xterms to send ctrl-h
> from the backspace key.  Other programs like putty typically have a
> keyboard configuration that permits setting the backspace key to send
> either ctrl-H or a DEL character.
> I leave it as an exercise for the student to figure out my other tweaks in
> this file :-).
> Bill
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Hmmm... you have a lot of different tweaks in there.
I'll definitely implement the delete thing as soon as possible.

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