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Date:         Fri, 09 Oct 98 12:06 EDT
From:      "Mike Lewis, Lockheed Martin"             <>
To:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   FreeBSD installation question / problem
Message-ID:  <"98-10-09-12:06:41.66*MAQ"@NCCIBM1.BITNET>

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Hi.  I am attempting to install FreeBSD 3.0-971208SNAP (I have had it a
while), and I am hitting a wall.

I am performing a DOS-partition install.  FreeBSD files exist in
directory C:/FREEBSD on my DOS drive, which is the first physical
primary partition on the master drive on the primary IDE controller.
The first physical harddrive also contains a second primary partition
containing Windows 95 OSR2 with FAT-*16*.  I do not recall at this time
whether or not I have tried booting DOS before the install.  I may have
always booted Windows-95 before the install attempt, which would make
the Windows-95 partition active.  I do not know if this matters.

I am installing FreeBSD on the third physical harddrive, which is the
master drive on the secondary IDE controller.

I get through a novice install fairly well.  I partition the FreeBSD
"drive", and select the source and specify the DOS-partition install.
The install flashes through various things and ends up with the
following message:


Is this a symptom of the DOS partition not being "active".  Or, is
something else wrong?

THanks in advance for any assistance,
Mike Lewis

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