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Date:      Sun, 01 Jul 2007 02:40:38 +0200
From:      cpghost <>
To:        Dave <>
Subject:   Re: backing up dvds
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Dave wrote:
> Hello,
>    Thanks for your reply. I don't know if this will make a difference, 
> and i should have mentioned it in my original posts these are dvd 
> videos and i want to get the complete dvd, everything.

If it's legal in your part of the world:

1. Install /usr/ports/multimedia/libdvdcss
2. Install /usr/ports/multimedia/libdvdread
3. Install /usr/ports/sysutils/vobcopy
4. Run vobcopy -m to copy everything to harddisk
5. Backup the directory with growisofs

BUT, be advised that menus may break, and that
.ifo and .bup files may loose meaning (IIRC they
refer to physical sectors on the DVD which are lost
when copying (and deCSS-ing) the VOBs to disk.
But the video/sound stuff is in the VOB. They're all
that really matter.

If you really want to recreate a DVD that is viewable
with hardware DVD players, you'll need to use a
DVD authoring software (like multimedia/dvdauthor)
and a lot of reading before.

Of course, all this is assuming that where you life, you
are legally allowed to make a private backup copy, to
use DeCSS to this purpose / or that you are the copyright
owner of the content (owning the media is not enough). ;-)

> Thanks.
> Dave.


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