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Date:      Thu, 16 Dec 2004 09:13:16 +1030
From:      Greg 'groggy' Lehey <>
To:        Norbert Koch <>
Subject:   Re: using two keyboards at the same time
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On Wednesday, 15 December 2004 at 17:34:01 +0100, Norbert Koch wrote:
> Hello.
> I know, the syscons driver does not allow to have
> two keyboards attached at the same time.
> So my idea was to have a userland application which polls the
> keyboard(s) currently _not_ attached to syscons using select(2) or
> poll(2).  From reading the source code under /sys/dev/kbd I thought
> this should work.
> I made this simple test: I attached syscons to /dev/kbd1 and ran
> "cat /dev/kbd0".  As expected I saw characters coming from both
> keyboards.

Interesting.  I can also confirm that it works with x2x
(/usr/ports/x11/x2x) when connected to a remote machine.  That
actually works for me now, though I can't see any good use for it.

> Then I wrote a program to do the selecting and switching.  Well, it
> does not work. Select never returns.  Does anyone have an idea?

Traditionally, select() doesn't work on all kinds of devices.  I'd
guess you've just found one that doesn't support select().

In any case, this is probably a question for  You may get more (accurate) results

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