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Date:      Tue, 23 Nov 1999 12:48:41 -0500
From:      Mike Tancsa <>
Subject:   Re: speaking of 3.4...
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At 06:58 PM 11/23/99 +0200, Vadim Belman wrote:
>	Hm, I know few people who think twice before choosing FreeBSD for
>	their needs. They think versions change too fast. For some this is
>	a sign of bad stability (heh...) others just scared of necessity of
>	following the releases.
>	Surely enough, I do explain the real situation whenever
>	possible. But how many are still thinking wrong way? How many users
>	does FreeBSD lose because of revisions chapping and and changing?
>	(We must remember that what seems normal for us is a black box for
>	decent users.)

Well, I am sure there are people out there using NT4.0 without any service
packs (let alone hot fixes), or security hole infested applications (e.g.
root exploitable qpoopper).  That sort of attitude is a problem when
approaching any OS.  FreeBSD 2.x and 3.x has been the most stable platform
we use here period.  If your customers/users are worried about the oh so
many releases, tell them there is only one release. 3.[1-4] are 4 service
packs to FreeBSD 3.  Wait, that term might tarnish the good name of FreeBSD!

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