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Date:      Mon, 30 Jun 1997 12:02:52 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Nathan Dorfman <>
To: (M. L. Dodson)
Subject:   SCSI Hardware (was: QIC-80 Floppy Tapes)
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "M. L. Dodson" at "Jun 30, 97 10:47:43 am"

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Nonetheless, I paid only $100 for this drive about two years ago and
don't have the money to purchase a SCSI tape, at least not for this
computer which doesn't even have a SCSI adapter. I thought that there'd
be others like me and this would generate some interest; obviously I
was wrong. As I plan to make my next computer all SCSI, can I change
the subject and ask this: If I were to get computer A instead of computer
B below, what (approximately) would be the price difference?

   A                            B
SCSI 3.1GB HD              EIDE 3.1GB HD
SCSI Tape Drive            IDE/ATAPI Tape (do they exist?)
SCSI CD-R                  non-SCSI equivalent of CD-R

I heard that a SCSI adapter to manage so many devices at once would
be around $150, plus the devices themselves will be more expensive. I
would appreciate any input on this topic.

> You miss my point (although I should not have been so all encompassing with
> the "any unix" phrase).  There is no, zip, nada, interest in the development
> team for working with these devices.  There have been many pleadings for 
> people to work on the driver (rewrite or import from another Unix).  Nobody
> stepped forward.  The main reason given was that these devices are all crap, 
> and I concur with that assessment.  This is neither inherently good or bad; 
> it's just the way things are.
> YMMV, and you are free to disagree with this opinion.
> Bud Dodson
> PS (and others are welcome to comment on this point, as well, which I hope
> will not be construed in any way as being any flavor of a flame),
> As a relatively new (I think, correct me if I am wrong.) user of FreeBSD, 
> you should be aware of the following "quirk" of our community (which _I_ do 
> _not_ find at all confining): The interest levels of the active developers 
> is a precious resource.  Pleading for them to write in special support for 
> old, outdated, or funkily designed hardware is not likely to get very far.  
> By and large they don't view this as a very good use of their time.  Most 
> people come to realize that they have a good point when they think about 
> it for awhile.  We are not Linux and don't want to be.
> When we arrive at that conclusion, we just dump our old screwball hardware 
> and get some good stuff.  (Or give it to the wife to use on her 
> wordprocessing Win95 box.  Want my old QIC80 tape drive?  You can have it 
> if you pay the shipping cost.)
> If you can't generate interest, then you are on your own.  Which is how
> most of the active developers got started in the first place, I believe.
> I sincerely wish you good luck on your floppy tape; you will need it.
> > 
> > > Do yourself a favor and dump this floppy tape device.  It won't work worth
> > > a damn on any unix.  Any cheap, supported, (even PIO types) scsi controller 
> > 
> > Not true. Someone should port the Linux ftape driver to FreeBSD. It allows
> > 100% access to floppy tape drives via device files.
> > 
> --
> M. L. Dodson                      
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