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Date:      Tue, 7 Feb 1995 15:57:30 +0100
From: (Jan_Guldemond)
Subject:   SLIP-communications
Message-ID:  <>

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Today, I installed FreeBSD (snap 2-2-95). I can connect other machines in my 
own LAN via FTP etc. But I want to get a SLIP-connection to my 
InterNet-provider. I've read the DOC's and it seems I have to use 
'slattach'. Slattach needs a communcation program to make the connection, in 
the examples kermit is used.

I have two problems:
1. I can't get kermit. I've got the file, but I don't know what 
to do with it. It won't execute..

2. I can't access the modem (serial port COM2). I tried 'echo ata > cuaa1'. 
But the modem doesn't respond. When I type 'echo ata > com2' in MS-DOS the 
modem does respond.

So I have two questions:
* What communcation-software can I use (and where can I get it?)
* How can I access the modem (serial port COM2)


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